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Two considerations for small business loans

    small and micro business owners should first prepare the necessary basic information to bank loan applications, banks will be according to the information available to the scene for investigations, queries the company's settlement amount, the average daily deposits and shareholders ' credit, determined loan limits for subsequent reporting staff within the Bank, if the declared adopted, will be able to issue loans. Complete documents, usually about 10 days to complete a credit loan.

    basic information including business licenses, corporate code certificate, tax registration certificate, articles of Association, as well as credit cards, account opening license (which can be to the people's Bank).

    funds must be used for business operations cannot be used for fixed investment

    in fact, in order to reduce the risks, the Bank has taken a series of measures. Such as loan conditions, the Bank, in the event of financial issues, business owners will bear joint and several liability, loan, business owners have to produce real estate information, to determine the strength, although you do not need real estate as collateral. In addition, on the use of loan funds, banks have also made limited. The Bank, funds must be used for business operations and cannot be used for fixed investment, cannot be used to buy more shares. Even if the Bank approved loans, will also monitor the account once funding issues, measures will be taken.