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Product classification

Business mortgage loan application criteria

1. meet national of industry, and industry policy, not belongs to high pollution, and high energy of small enterprise;

2. enterprise in the home commercial banks reputation status good, no bad credit records;

3. has business administration sector approved registration, and annual qualified of license, holds people Bank issued and normal annual of loan card;

4. has necessary of organization institutions, and business management system and financial management system, has fixed according to and business places, Legal business, products has market, and has benefits;

5. has perform contract, and reimbursement debt of capacity, repayment wishes good, no bad credit records, credit assets risk classification for normal class or non-financial factors effect of concern class;

6. Enterprise operators or actual control people practitioners experience in 3 years above, quality good, and no bad personal credit records;

7. enterprise business situation stable, established years in principle in 2 years (containing) above, At least one financial report for the fiscal year and above, and 2 consecutive years of sales growth, gross margin is positive;

8. consistent with established credit policy and small business-related industries;

9. to comply with the nation's financial regulations and the relevant provisions of the banking;

10. applications to open a settlement account or settlement account.

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