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Easy loan

Easy loan
Application conditions
1, and age conditions: age full 21-55 age; 2, and water conditions: punch wage 4000 above; 3, and credit conditions: current units work time 6 months above; 4, and property conditions: has no housing are can; 5, and other important conditions: credit report don't has 4 times late, half within cannot has 2 times late, retired cannot do; 6, and 55-60 age of must is institutions, and civil servants or with lawyer, and doctor, quality customer; 7, and Hangzhou paid social security one years above; warm tips: this products promotion during for education, and health, and news, and broadcasting, and published, and Bank, and securities, and insurance, and telecommunications, and aviation, and tobacco, and power, and petrochemical, specified industry official on-the-job preparation employees and world 500, and China 500 strong, company employees, special launched designed enjoy interest rate, and increased 3 species loan term range (3, and 6, and 9 months) and due once debt of repayment way.
by needed material
1, and identity proved file: China identity card (containing validity within temporary ID) or officers card; 2, and income proved file: bank passbook, and on Bill (wrote has wage into records of at least recently 3 months of records) or company personnel or financial provides of effective salary proved, and salary key letter or personal tax (recently a copies tax by corresponds to of period distance application Shi shall not too 3 months); 3, and above for essential file, Event of further audit need to be customers add the corresponding file; 4, other documents: (1) proof: business card, work ID and door card containing work sector, proof of position and other information, (2) proof: proof of rental contracts, real estate, household register, nearly 3 months of utility bills or bank statements, provide proof.

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