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Product classification

Salary loan

Salary loan
Application conditions
1, and age conditions: 20-60 age; 2, and water conditions: serving work continuous half above (containing half) of official employees, not positive, and retired employees temporarily not accepted; 3, and months income 2000 Yuan and the above, Bank generation sent or cash form issued of are can; 4, and credit conditions: submitted detailed version credit report; 5, and enterprise credit network or organization institutions code network (civil servants, and enterprises employees except) query customer where work units business qualification, and provides query voucher; 6, and Property conditions: property, and purchase contract and purchase invoice, and produced adjustable single, and property mortgage contract, (can selected); 7, and individual industrial and commercial households, and enterprise owners, and shareholders (accounted for unit 20% and the above) cannot application paid easy loan; 8, and was refused to of customer 3 months within not can repeat into pieces, customer active gave up except, and owned enterprise except; warm tips: 20-60 age, and official employees, and months income 2000 and the above party can application.
by needed material
1, and application table, and ID; 2, and equity proved, rental contract (validity within), and hydropower gas bill (near two months within), and credit card bill (near one months), and fixed calls Bill (near one months); 3, and license are copy (has annual); 4, and now units labor contract, and units open state of work proved (near one months within open state); 5, and enterprise credit network query voucher; 6, and generation sent wage: near three months wage water (counter print and sealed); 7, and Cash wages: units open proof of income (issued in the past month) nearly three months with a private water; 8, detailed credit reports, 9, of ownership and the purchase contract and purchase invoices, transfer orders, mortgage contract (optional). BACK