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Product classification

Personal consumption loan

Personal consumption loan
name local real estate, vehicles and other financial support, can increase the amount. Lending time: 1 a days (approval for 1 a days)
application conditions
1, and age requirements: 21-55 age; 2, and identity requirements: holds China ID of city citizens; 3, and income requirements: has stable income source (continuous near 3 months bank card zouzhang water or income proved or license); warm tips: 21-55 age, and China city citizens, and has stable income source party can application.
by needed material
1, and applicants ID; 2, and now live to property proved, and formal intermediary show of housing rental contract, and post office mailing of letters, and credit card bill, and near 90 days within of hydropower gas payment documents, and units show of live proved (are needed reflected specific address); 3, and continuous near 3 months of bank card zouzhang water, and company issued of income proved (needed stamped seal or personnel chapter), and company license (any selected one)

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